The Scruffy Puppy Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, Hazlet NJ, Holmdel NJ

A Please Read & Take Note From The Scruffy Puppy!

  • Communications: Please feel free to call or text me at 732-520-0454, I will get back with you as soon as I can. You can reach us by email or message us through the “client portal”. Our sitters use the “time to pet” app to send emails and updates to clients.
  • Last min bookings or cancellations: We do our best to accommodate everyone. Pet parents who keep us on a solid schedule get secured week to week confirmed time frames. All others, are on a first come first served basis for what we are able to schedule in and accommodate. We have enough wonderful staff to help out with last min needs most times. Please do your best to book services as soon as you know you need them. Any last minute changes, or cancellations must go through the softwear at least a few hours in advance ( I check the softwear every few hours for updates). I will update the schedule accordingly and let your sitter know. If you cancel without enough notice and your sitter is already in route or shows up, the full fee will be charged. If you cancel too often, we might charge a cancellation fee or discontinue services as its unfair to your walkers and sitters.
  • Walkers/Sitters: If we are on a set schedule with your pets, you will get the same two sitters with the exception of sickness, or vacations. This allows us to provide exceptional reliable service to our clients. We have a wonderful staff of backup sitters who would love to help care for your pets as needed. 
  • Flexibility: We ask for a 2 hour window around your preferred time frame. This allows for last minute bookings, cancellations, weather, traffic, and possible emergencies.
  • Scheduling/Payments: Please schedule services through the ‘client portal’. If you are a new client, feel free to call/ text me 732-520-0454 and I will help you get started. Payments (cash or check) are due at the conclusion of each week of regular service, the first day of vacation care in my home or yours, or that day if once in a while.. If in a pinch, last minute request, you can mail out a check, or drop cash or check in the lock-box.
  • Strong dogs/Pullers: We do our best to accommodate our clients wishes for pet care. If your dog pulls you down the street, its probably going to happen with our walkers. We will suggest different leashes/collars or harnesses that could help, training etc. For the safety of your dogs, and our walkers, we will suggest backyard playtime instead.
  • Client keys: We ask all of our clients to hold their own keys. Lock boxes with (2 copies) inside, or a door /garage code with a “hide a key” location on file in case of power failure.

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